Cats and Dogs

 I've been having a lot of fun painting cats and dogs!
These are all acrylic and range in size from 12" square to 20" x 20" and are priced by size.

All are for sale, the price doesn't include shipping however, I'd have to calculate that depending on the distance...I'd ship Fedex.
They are on "gallery-wrapped" canvas and have no need of a frame, the image and background color continue around the sides of the canvas.

Yes I will do commissions - but only if you like my style of painting...and you don't have to buy it if you don't like it! (price would be a little bit extra).

Kodi (collection of FJB)

Colden (private collection)
Cinnabar (collection of KH)

Faith (sold)

Faith was the very loving dog of a good friend...I hope this painting has captured some of Faith's spirit.

Below is Toulouse - this one makes me laugh just to look at him!!!   ($90)

Freddie $50

 Freddie is a rather timid fellow, who sometimes thinks he's a rabbit!

Gracie (collection of Gracie's owner!)

 Gracie is a typical lugubrious basset hound, viewing the world with a somewhat mournful gaze!

Hermione (sold)
Hermione, the Boss Cat in my daughter's menagerie of 4 cats and two dogs..she lets everyone know just Who is The Power!

Kitty(collection of H.Henson)

 Poor little orphan kitty, just looking for a good home!  My first model...

Maximilian (sold)
Maximilian is a very majestic fellow, he views the world from his lofty perch.

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